Tooldek System is composed of three main components : Self ServiceTooldek Kiosk, Tooldek Admin and Tooldek Remote.

Tooldek Kiosk

Tooldek Kiosk is a wall mountable specially designed industrial computer with integrated touch screen monitor, wireless barcode scanner, RFID module and door access controller. Tooldek Kiosk is installed next to toolroom. The additional information screen is installed inside the toolroom.

Here is a more detailed features of Tooldek Kiosk

Feature Description
RFID Users identification Fast and secure user login using RFID tag (key fob or card)
TouchScreen interface Very easy to use touch screen interface.
Wireless Barcode scanner We use top quality industrial wireless scanner from DATALOGIC (the world leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation)
Multiple toolroom One Tooldek System can control up to 4 rooms. 
Additional information screens The information screen provides tools location and visual feedback on scanning operations inside the toolroom
Door access control One Tooldek system can control up to 4 electric door locks.
Support of Express tools The Express tool feature provides fast check-in / check-out for most frequently used tools. No scanning required.
Tool status management Manage the tool status : in place, in use, broken, lost or in repair
System Hardware Intel Industrial Fanless motherboard, SSD disk, Multi screen support, 18.5 inch Wide Touch Screen monitor, Custom made industrial case, RFID, Industrial wireless barcode scanner.
Tooldek Remote Tooldek Remote is complementary software program. It can be installed on any PC used by employees. 

Tooldek Admin Software

Tooldek Admin is a specifically designed software to be used by managers. It can be installed on any Windows computer to remotely manage Tooldek Kiosk. Also it provides manager with real time information on toolroom activities.

Here is a more detailed features of Tooldek Admin Software

Management of tools Add tools, Modify tool information, change tool status and location etc.
Management of users Add user, Modify user information, reset user password etc.
Management of storage locations Add and modify toolrooms, toolboxes, walls etc.
Realtime Dashboard Provides live information of tools usage (used by, duration of use etc)
Automatic alerts Alerts by email for non returned or late tools
Reporting module Provides many useful reports like ‘Tools use frequency’, ‘Total cost of all tools’ etc.

Tooldek Remote Software

Tooldek Remote is a specifically designed software to be used by technicians. It can be installed on any Windows computer to remotely access Tooldek Kiosk features.

Here is some of the exclusive features of Tooldek Remote Software

  • Allows to check current tools status and use history without going to Tooldek Kiosk.
  • Allows to search required tools and make preselection list that will be used on Tooldek Kiosk.
  • The  preselection list eliminates the need of carrying paper notes of tool numbers to toolroom.
  • The preselection list accelerates the check in operation by eliminating tools search and selection at Tooldek Kiosk.
  • The preselection list can be created by copy/pasting tool numbers directly  from manufacture repair guide