Tooldek System is an effective Special Tools Management System.
It was especially designed for car dealer service departments in order to improve the productivity and take a control of special tools inventory.
Tooldek System is based on the most advanced technology currently available : touchscreen, RFID, wireless barcode scanner, multi screen, door access control, SSD Disk, Windows 10.

Tooldek System will help you achieve the following goals :

  • Make technicians accountable for use of tools
  • Reduce the risk of theft
  • Easy and quickly find tool location
  • Reduce the tools searching time from minutes to seconds
  • Increase the technicians productivity
  • Procure immediate and long-term cost savings
  • Keep toolroom in order
  • Provide manager real time information on tools usage
  • Keep managers informed by email about not returned tools
  • To allow managers easily manage the replacement of lost or broken tools
  • To have complete tools usage history
  • To have a complete tools usage statistics to identify most frequently used tools or never used tools

If you would like to learn more about Tooldek System please visit Tooldek Product page or contact us at info@tooldek.com or call 1-514-622-9040.